Threadless challenge: Avant Garde Prints

Threadless challenge: Avant Garde Prints

It's time to let your imagination loose and entered the laboratory of your mixed media to create avant-garde design inspired by the greatest challenges to date Threadless.


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Now it's time to blow the minds of people, because there are (almost) no boundaries. You must be a time when there are no customers, there is no competition and you just kind of doodled some random things. Your computer must be littered with all kinds of manuscripts. So, dig them up and work around them. These are honest, authentic design that you can use for this challenge.

The time frame is November 13 - December 4, 2015, so a lot of material has been submitted. But, the best way to have something really good is to avoid comparisons. Get into the mood scientific Yor crazy and go for it.

Y ou can win $ 1,000 cash or $ 500 Threadless gift code. In addition, anyone who is in (including the grand prize winner) will receive up to $ 7 on each of their designs tshirt sold on!